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Dragon Eggs

Afternoon everyone, I’m here, a day late with my DT Featured Tuesday, but better late than never.

So I have seen quite a lot of posts to do with dragons, so that got me thinking, but I don’t have any of those gorgeous moulds so I have gone with Dragon Eggs using a technique Denise shared with us a while ago making geodes. So here we go!

Nest of Dragons Eggs

Materials used

Step by Step

  1. First make up the stand for the eggs to sit on. I stacked and glued a couple of shot glasses together and glued them onto the back of the wooden frame. The cotton reels were then stuck into place on the top of the frame. This was then given a coat of Black Gesso. When dry, brush the Yellow and Red Pentart waxes over the frame and stand.
  2. Cut out 12 sets of grasses from the Magic Media and give them a coat of the Rich Copper and Fire Ruby waxes. Emboss a few of them with Lindy’s Groovy Granite Embossing Powder. Stack and glue small piles of buttons together to look like piles of coins. Glue these around the cotton reels.
  3. Now for the fun bit. Take the polystyrene and, in a well ventilated room, start to melt them with your heat gun. (I used the bamboo stick to hold them). They melt really quickly so be careful. Start heating up around the outside to get the scaly look then hold the heat gun in one place to make an opening.
  4. One the eggs are cool, start painting them inside and out. After the first coat, I went back over with a different colour. Once dry add glue inside and start adding glitter and sequins. Go around the openings of the eggs with micro beads to add more texture.
  5. Add a few of the plaster balls to the frame and to the inside of one of the eggs.
  6. Paint the inside of the frame and buttons in gold paint/Pentart yellow wax (which is slightly golden). Go over some of the piles of coins with the Brushed Iron Wax.
  7. Add your grasses around the eggs to look like the eggs are in an nest.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Would love to know what you think. Xx

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