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Today it’s the turn of DT member Gareth Smith to share his Featured Tuesday piece with you all. Enjoy.

This is my DT Tuesday post for this week. I took inspiration from a piece created using traditional encaustic waxes.

To start I primed my board with white Gesso to even things out and provide a nice base to work on. Once primed I did some scribble journaling with a marker pen.

As this piece was going to be slightly translucent I added some printed tissue paper and torn sheets of tea dyed paper (which I had done additional scribble journaling on) to add some interest and layers of image. I glued down the papers with 3D Gel Medium.

To add some colour to the piece I used the DecoArt fluid acrylics in Viridean and Burnt Umber to create trees and a ground. I kept it quite loose and freeform on purpose as I didnt want a rigid realistic effect. It’s also been kept quite grungy as a reflection of the thought that went into it.

I added some further scribble journaling along the ground area for interest and give the illusion of rocks etc.

To finish I added about three layers of the acrylic liquid wax. I was expecting it to go slightly milky as it dried like traditional wax would but it didnt. If you want the milky look then if you overheat the wax beyond melting then as it cools again it changes colour. This step isn’t necessary but was the look I was going for.

NB you need to add multiple thin layers of the wax as the thicker layers tend to crack as they cool. If this happens you can heat it with your heat tool to remelt the wax and smooth it over. The wax will also drip over the edges of your project but you can scrape this off once the wax has cooled.


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My name is Gareth, I’m a man (obviously) and I have been crafting now in some form or another for about 15 years.  I started off making beaded jewelry then progressed on to making cards, and from there its jumped to art journalling and mixed media projects.  My personal style is quite vintage distressed with plenty of grunge thrown in.  Every now and then I like to mix things up and try and make pieces from different styles so that I can challenge myself and grow in experience.

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