Dragon Eye Chrome Rub-On Pigment


Pentart Rub-On Pigment Powder Chrome Effect Dragon Eye 0.5g

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Special pigment powder for a very shiny, coloured chrome plated effect. The application is easy, no glue is needed. We can simply rub them onto the surface with fingers or silicone applicator or a sponge-round brush for dotting, doing circular motion. The surface to be embellished has to be well prepared, very smooth and even. To reach such surface, we can dip the objects into the Dipping Paint that will provide a smooth surface without brush strokes, or we can use semi-gloss Creamy Acrylic Paint as a base. The decorated surface requires varnishing in case of intensive use, it can be protected with the Pouring Glaze.

Available in 9 Chrome and 4 Chameleon colours.

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