Neon Yellow Pigment Powder


Pentart Pigment Powder 34352 Neon Yellow 6g

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Pigment in a powdered form for various techniques. Mix the powder into resin systems or transparent / white bases, such as gels, primer pastes or varnishes to colour them. Add a few drops of water and apply with a brush to create scrapbook backgrounds or to highlight certain parts of your project. Available in white, glow in the dark, neon, metallic and chameleon colours to reach special effect.

Use our effect pigment powder to achieve exciting, metallic or iridescent sparkling, effects. Simple to use: add the pigment powder to various Pentart products (i.e. glossy varnish, gel paste, glass paint), then apply to the object. Use the pigment powder especially on dark surfaces to produce a special sparkling effect. Adding pigment powder to polymer clay makes interesting sparkling effect.

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