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Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish 2 part set 2x100ml

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Use this fineline crackle varnish to produce a surface imitating the fine, shell-like cracks of old porcelain. Apply component 1 to the surface of the object already decorated; once dry apply component 2 and rub onto the surface thoroughly with your fingers.  The second varnish layer will crack as it dries; to emphasise the cracks, rub various non-water-based colouring materials (e.g. PENTART liquid patina or PENTART antique paste) onto the surface. The pattern of cracks depends on the thickness of the two layers applied and the drying time. The second layer of varnish will not become waterproof when dried; apply a layer of Pentart solvent varnish one day after finishing the cracked surface.

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