Quick Dry Tacky Glue (No Cut Tip)


Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue 4 fl oz – No Cut Tip

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Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue:

  • Multipurpose glue for all kinds of surfaces, now quick dry!
  • Non-toxic, incredibly versatile and Super Thick.
  • You can use it with paper, scraps, decorations, jewellery, silk, fabric (non recommended on fabrics that will be washed) wood, metal, glass, pottery, EVA foam and many plastics.
  • Clear and flexible dry.
  • Especially designed for Scrapbooking
  • To start using the glue you must cut the top plastic nozzle. Before doing so, think of the projects that you’ll make. Cut it closer to the edge for a finer tip, perfect for details. Cut the nozzle lower if you need a larger amount of glue or if you’ll use it for full size projects.
  • For its application with paintbrush you can mix it with water and get a more fluid material. You can even add some colour to your Tacky Glue, put in a few drops of acrylic paint and mix well.
  • The special design allows the glue to always be ready to use. Remember to keep it always upside down.
  • Dries 50% faster than other glues. Clear and flexible dry in 35 approximately minutes.

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