White Quick Cure Resin 1 kg


Polycraft FC100 Polyurethane Quick Cure Resin White 1kg kit

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Polycraft FastCast 100 is an unfilled fast setting polyurethane resin system. Exhibiting excellent flow-ability, short demould times, low shrinkage, good dimensional stability, detail reproduction and good machining qualities. Used for casting master and core models, negatives and general small mouldings. Used in a wide variety of industries from Art, Craft, Engineering, Film & TV, Pattern Making and more.


FC 100 White Unit
Mix Ratio by Weight 1A : 1B
Pot Life 200g @ 25°c 2 – 2.5 mins
Demould Time 15 -20 mins



  • Rapid demould
  • Reproduces finest detail
  • Tough, non-brittle formula
  • Excellent bubble release
  • No need for pressure or vacuum

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Weight 1158 g





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