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Hello there. Today, Tuesday 4th August, it’s my turn to do the DT Featured Tuesday and the main feature of my project is going to be the Resin Cast Swan which can be purchased from the I Love Mixed Media Website. (Resin cast only, not the mould).

Materials used

  • White Resin Cast Swan
  • Substrate (I recycled an old marble cheese board)
  • Metal Bracket
  • Wire
  • Strong Glue
  • White Pearl Paint
  • Flitter Glu & Gold Flakes
  • Micro Beads
  • 3D Gloss Gel or Similar
  • Translucent Blue Paint
  • Black and Orange Paint

Step by Step

  1. Glue the bracket to the back of the Resin Swan and leave it to set.
  2. Paint the Swan all over with a white Pearl Paint. I also used the Pearlizing medium over the top to give it a great pearly luster.
  3. Using a small paint brush with Flitter Glu, I painted in the tail feathers and neck and face of the swan. After letting the glu go clear I then added the gold flakes with my fingers then with a dry paintbrush pushed the flake into all those little details. I then brushed away any remain gold flake checking to see if anything needed to be touched up.
  4. I then painted in the swans features using the black and orange paints.
  5. Cut two pieces of wire approx 6″ and one piece approx 7″. Place all three pieces together and use the 7″ piece about an inch from the bottom, start twisting it around the other pieces to connect them just in the middle. Splay the bottom inch of the wire out to make feet. At the top of the wires dab each end with some glue and dip this into the micro beads. Let this dry and do it once again. (Make sure each coat of glue is dry before adding more or the weight of the beads will make everything slide off).
  6. Now Glue the Swan and the wire onto your substrate with a strong glue supporting the until the glue has hardened. (I left mine overnight).
  7. Mix some translucent blue paint into the gel medium and cover the bracket at the back of the swan and over the wire legs. Then spread more over the substrate as in the photo. I finished it all off by adding some sparkles over the ‘water’.

Thank you for checking this out. Enjoy xx

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Hello there, like many people I’ve been crafting for many years, first starting with making cards then moving onto different paper crafts and now Mixed Media. I have a passion for creating 3D art, using items that can be re-cycled from home, lots of fussy cutting and using moulds. I’m happiest when I’m crafting, especially experimenting with something new and then passing on what I have learnt to others.

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